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Who Is Rachel Angel Long
And How Did I Become A Queen?

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#1 Social Media Marketer, E-mail Marketer, WP Developer, Internet Marketer, Access DBA, VBA Programmer, SEO Consultant, And Psychiatric Consultant Extraordinaire!…
FINALLY Reveals Her Secrets To Show You
How To Become A 7 Figure Earner
On The Internet!

I am Rachel Angel Long AKA Rachel Favor Long (My Undisputed Nickname) – The Undisputed QUEEN Of Social Media!

Many people often ask me if there’s a real, live person behind this website and my social media? Or if Rachel Angel Long is just another fictitious Internet character. I often get a good laugh out of all these queries… because, I not only exist (Yes, Rachel Angel Long is my real name), I’m just an ordinary person just like you. In fact — If I can make THIS much money from the Internet, SO CAN YOU if you know my exact system. My website grants you access to my Rachel Angel Long Premium Website Traffic.

Rachel Angel Long –
Fast Track To Become A Social Media Celebrity

Rachel Angel Long Is Born

First, a little bit about myself. I am a native Houstonian – I have lived in Austin, Texas – Los Cabos, Mexico and Amsterdam, Netherlands…

– And now!!! BACK TO BELLAIRE, Texas! #BellaireTexas

I speak 3 languages: English, Spanish, and Italian. My hobbies include Social Media, traveling the world, photography, personal training, First-Class airline travel, and food critiquing. My career background is in VBA and Database Administration, E-mail and Internet Marketing, Psychiatry.
#1 – The Undisputed Queen Of Internet Marketing AND
#1 – The Undisputed QUEEN Of Social Media
, YouTube Marketing, and PURPLE is my favorite color. “OH YES – I am going to publish a daily YouTube VLOG… Coming Real Soon.”

After 9/11/2001 I was dismissed from my job at a Fortune 500 company here in the US. I was miserable having to sit behind a desk (stuck in a cubicle) all day, having a long commute to work, and having a boss and co-workers that I did not like (I HATE OFFICE POLITICS AND BS).




If you feel like you are being TORTURED by your BOSS or JOB, you are probably not doing what you are called to do. Now is the time to take a step and start following your dreams. And YES, you can escape. And YES taking the time and effort to follow your dreams is the most REWARDING thing you can do for yourself and your family.

After struggling for many years and spending hundreds of thousands of dollars experimenting on how to do business ethically on the Internet, I finally came up with a proven system that works for me even as I’m asleep. But here’s the truth – I’m no rocket scientist or smarter than you. I just use the tools that will work for my business. I want to teach you those tools and help you to succeed as well.

Today I go around teaching my 7 Figure Social Media Marketing Techniques and selling My Unique Proprietary:

Rachel Angel Long Premium Website Traffic

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Through the years, I have received many award and honors for my success in Internet Marketing. I have been awarded 5 STAR Status for a number of Work At Home marketing programs that I promote – and I was able to be the first person in the world to do so beating out many Advertising and Marketing companies. In fact, I have been #1 many Work At Home Internet programs. I always had people scratching their heads to try and figure out how I was able to become #1 in the world and keep that title as well.

The Rachel Angel Long Marketing Method: “Wordpress, Social Media, Video, and E-mail Marketing On Steroids”

After many attempts to make money on the Internet, I discovered the secret to success – Social Media, You Tube, and E-mail Marketing! The results are in! It takes 6-7 times of someone seeing your offer before they will actually go to your site and sign up or make a purchase. My Rachel Angel Long Premium Website Traffic marketing method follows up with people like crazy (TONS Of Hits Daily) – and they sign up, like, share, tweet, buy, and your information with stick to the Internet like glue. I like simplicity and not a lot of BLA BLA BLA. Let’s get straight to the point. What I am going to show you is generated using my:

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You never know how your LIFE may change or what is around the next corner. Never give up is my motto. Over the past years, there has been times I wanted to give up – but I press on because I know God has a destiny for my life. This is the latest update to my life story. Not only am I The Undisputed Queen Of Social Media, now I produce YouTube videos that help ordinary people like you to make money.

2017 UPDATE: I have shifted gears slightly

– I was just Coronated As: The Undisputed Queen Of LIVE Videos. I am pursuing my dreams again of being an Internet World Renowned Celebrity! I am working on my own Rachel Angel Long VLOG and Reality Show! NEW VIDEOS Coming Soon!

I’m looking forward to working with you and helping you to grow your business exponentially: LET’s GO Viral!

Premium Website Traffic

I’m looking forward to working with you and helping you to grow your business exponentially!

To Your Success!

Rachel Angel Long
7 Figure Earner
The Undisputed Queen Of Social Media
Psychiatric Consultant Extraordinaire!

President & CEO Rachel Favor Long

#1 Internet Marketer
#1 Affiliate Marketer
#1 SEO Blog Consultant
#1 Social Media QUEEN
#1 Psychiatric Consultant Extraordinaire!

Rachel Angel Long – The Undisputed Queen Of LIVE Videos


Psychiatric Consultant Extraordinaire!

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