Nursing Education

The nursing education is becoming more popular again in the start of the new millennium. This is because of the rise in demand for competent and quality health care professionals in the hospitals, health care institutions, clinics, and even public health centers. Most training and programs cover general nursing and medicine, but some do specialize […]

Higher education chronicle

Airports to aeroplanes, luxury cruise liners to riverboat restaurants, universities to schools, railway stations to express trains, takeaways to top restaurants, city centre hotels to bed and breakfast. Wherever we are, whether in a department store, leisure centre or pub, or simply strolling in the park, there is normally a hospitality enterprise providing for our […]

New Guidelines issued by Education Dept

To keep a check on government school teachers, who were misusing tour programmes meant for students under the Rashtriya Madhmik Sikhya Abhiyaan (RMSA), the education department has issued some guidelines. Officials said this was done to save the precious time of students. Sources said the tours were intended to be educational. However, many teachers would […]

Higher Education in India

Meanwhile, owing to excellent opportunities that presented itself from 1991 onwards, thanks to the liberalization led by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, India’s growth has taken off against the backdrop of a surging global knowledge market, where workers are becoming more mobile and highly prized. India is wonderfully placed to take advantage of this and for […]

K-12 Stem Education

If supporters of improvements in K-12 STEM education (e.g., federal agencies, business and industry, foundations) champion these guidelines, they could have a rapid, positive effect on the development of K-12 engineering curricula that would be based on a more focused and more representative idea of the practice of engineering. Guidelines could provide a framework for […]


There are many definition of education but in a simple way education is an act or process of passing on or gaining general knowledge, building the ability to reason and judge, and generally training oneself or others mentally for matured life. Many underdeveloped countries today do not pay attention to the importance of education in […]

Higher Education Essay

Education papers are basically any form of academic assignments within educational based studies that may take various basic forms such as education essays, education term papers, education research papers or education review papers. All these forms of education papers are assigned for various differing types of assignments meant for students’ continuous or summative assessment forms. […]

Education Articles

Education system has made a dynamic change since the past few years. It is growing with every year and spreading its wings even to the remotest corners of India. Programmes like the Right to Education, have gained immense popularity and has been successful in delivering the importance of education to the masses. Our Government has […]

K-12 Education

What is K-12 Education? Primary and secondary education is called K-12 Education. The K stands for kindergarten and 12 for 12th grade. It covers the years from kindergarten through 12th grade. It includes kindergarten, primary, secondary, high –school and pre-university education in India. K-12 Education in India The K-12 education system in India is slowly […]

Landmark Education Forum

Landmark education is administered by Landmark Education LLC (LE). Landmark Education is an advanced type of learning that improves on the value of contemporary learning. It changes the general attitudes that people maintain. These attitudes relate to ourselves, our circumstances as well as the members of society that we interact with. Landmark Education alters the […]