The Truth About Rachel Favor Long’s Premium Website Traffic?

Thanks Rachel For A Truly Excellent System That Works

For years I have been teaching people how to get traffic, lots of it, to their site without spending a fortune on advertising.

Now thanks to Rachel Favor Long’s Premium Website Traffic my job just got a lot easier! Thanks Rachel for a truly excellent system that works.

michaelG Testimonials

Mike Glaspie, 50
Highland, MI


We Were Even MORE Thrilled To See You Live Up To Your Reputation

Over the years we have become familiar with your name and the level of success you obtain in just about any program you decide to join. We were thrilled to see you join ProfitMatic 2 years ago, Lawn Chair Millionaire last year, and now our most explosive home business opportunity to date… PushButton Extreme. And now look at our newest program Staged!

And of course… we were even MORE thrilled to see you live up to your reputation!

4,030 members and counting fast in ProfitMatic. Almost 5,000 personally enrolled members so far in Lawn Chair Millionaire. Nearly 900 members in the first two weeks of Push Button Extreme….

ALL of this is by far one of the most amazing examples of online marketing we’ve ever experienced by one member in any of our programs.

We can comfortably say that ANYONE who joins any program with you as their sponsor has a very real shot at tremendous success with the help of one of the Internet’s top marketers.”

scottkev Testimonials

Kevin & Scott
Ontario, Canada
CEO & Founders
Sales EXplosion
Push Button Extreme,
Lawn Chair Millionaire


“I Have Never Met A Stronger Internet Marketer Than Rachel Long”

“Owning four of the most successful companies in the home based business industry, I have the opportunity to consult and work with many of the top marketers and income earners throughout the world.

In all of my experience, I have never met a stronger Internet marketer than Rachel Long. She knows how to recruit, can build a team faster than anyone I have ever seen… with a combined 5,000+ personally enrolled members in less than 6 months!

Congratulations Rachel, and keep up the great work!”

benglinsky Testimonials

Ben Glinsky, 32
Dallas, Texas
CEO & Founder
My World Plus
Pro Builder Plus
Rejuvenate Alive
Skinney Body Care
Pro Wealth Solutions


Rachel Long Goes Beyond What I have Ever Seen

“Your Premium Website Traffic rock! I went from having very little success and almost no income to getting checks from using your system. What’s more, your working knowledge of lead generation and follow-up are by far the best I have encountered. Thanks to you my checks are growing and I never miss the chance of spreading the word about your system!”

vance Testimonials

Vance Williamson, 48
Scotts Bluff, NE
CEO & Founder
7 Figure Earner


“Rachel Favor Long delivers everything she promises

“I found a real gem when I discovered Rachel Long and what she offers. I have used her Premium Website Traffic many times with outstanding results. When she markets your url or affiliate link, it really does what she claims it will. You will get a lot of people joining your program.

Rachel also offers a Premium Website Traffic that is the best training on every level for making sales online.  I have profited greatly as a result of that.

I can honestly say that any service or product that you purchase from Rachel Long will be of great value for you, delivering everything it promises and more.”

msgr_dave Testimonials





Pastor Dave Beaman
Top Income Earner
Lawn Chair Millionaire


Rachel Goes Beyond What I have Ever Seen

“I have been involved in the Internet Marketing business for over 8 years now and there is something we will always look for, the best way to market our business !

Rachel Long has spent a lot of time and money to find exactly that…she is amazing! Now she shares the system that has taken her to the leaderboard in every program she joins.

The first time I used Rachel Long Premium Website Traffic was with the My World Plus program. In just 3 months time she has helped me reach 4 STAR level with over 190 personally enrolled members and I’m on my way to get to 5 STAR which is the highest level.

You just give her your website URL and magic happens!!

I have never seen any other marketing system that will take a person to the highest level in just 3 months time. So this is exactly what I tell all my members. The best way to market your business is Premium Website Traffic !!!

UPDATED 2011: Not only have I reached the 5 STAR level in my original program, but I am on my way to earning 7 figures on the Internet. I use Rachel Long’s Premium Website Traffic system for every program I promote!”

daniel Testimonials





Daniel Lundqvist
CEO & Founder


“The Undisputed Queen Of Social Media

“I have known Rachel Long now for 15 years. I have seen her go from broke to becoming a 7 figure income earner on the Internet. She is an amazing woman with a true desire to help others. Her marketing method works, plain and simple. I don’t exactly know how she does it but, I have seen her team triple in size in the last 3 months. This is simply amazing. Whatever she is doing, is changing the way people promote Internet Marketing. Congratulations again, for all of your successes!”

Matt1 Testimonials



Matt Morris, 35
Dallas, Texas
President & CEO
Success University
Accomplishes Author
20 Years Of MLM Success


“Rachel joined my Vemma downline and quickly started breaking records. What is amazing about Rachel is the quality of people she brings with her and her passionate desire to see them succeed. Her knowledge of Internet marketing goes beyond what I have ever seen… and the best part is that she shares her techniques with her people! It is amazing the credibility our program received when she joined. We are so grateful to be working with her and you will be too.”

— Matt Morrow, CA Star Presidential Executive, Vemma Million Dollar Income Earner Sought After Speaker and Trainer 18 year Industry Veteran


“Rachel – You are absolutely amazing! Your ability to join a program and shoot to the top is remarkable. People should just follow in whatever direction you lead them, because then their success is literally guaranteed and cast in stone!”

ryan Testimonials





— Ryan Burgard, FL MyOppSeekers.com Multiple 7 Income Earner & Top Recruiter


“I have known Rachel Long for 10 – 11 years and seen you personally sponsor thousands of people in many programs I have been part of. Your keen insight on what it takes to run a successful home based business just can’t be beat. Anyone who talks to you has much to learn!”

— Vicki Gardner Ambassador FreeLife International http://www.getjuiced.gojiteam.com


I’m looking forward to working with you and helping you to grow your business exponentially!

To Your Success!

Rachel Long
7 Figure Earner
The Undisputed Queen Of Social Media
Psychiatric Consultant Extraordinaire!

President & CEO Rachel Long

#1 Internet Marketer
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#1 Psychiatric Consultant Extraordinaire!

Rachel Favor Long – The Undisputed Queen Of Social Media


Psychiatric Consultant Extraordinaire!

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